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James May- Pies, Ales and Bentleys
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28th-Oct-2009 11:05 pm - Re: Top tots - airfix
Can anyone identify the music 32.5 min into the show?

28th-Oct-2009 06:16 pm - Signing!
For those lucky people who can get to Selfridges in London at that time:

James May will be signing copies of his book Toy Stories on Monday 9th November from 1.30 - 2.30pm.

30th-Aug-2009 07:08 pm(no subject)
Have you guy's seen the interview with James in the independent from the 15th of August?
25th-Aug-2009 11:55 am - The Cock-ometer says it all
An article in The Telegraph tells how James May's world record attempt to build the longest model railway in Devon has been derailed after thieves stole parts of the track and put 2p coins through another.

People o_O
14th-Aug-2009 12:06 am - More James May Toy Stories stuff
Yellow Car!
I went on t'internet, and I found this - I'm a bit surprised they haven't been posted here yet.

World's longest Scalextric track at Brooklands Museum, Sunday 16th August, also in various local papers.

Building a Hornby 00 railway along the Tarka trail between Barnstaple and Bideford, Monday 24th August, again also in various local papers.

I won't be able to go to either of these, but hopefully someone will be able to join in and report back, like the delightful honeyfitz and meivocis did for the Lego house.

I'm really looking forward to the series being on TV now as well :-)
8th-Aug-2009 12:06 pm(no subject)
{i just need time}
 Oh dear; it appears that James has become the darling boy of the Daily Mail - that's something he won't be happy with.

New article here, as well as another picture from THAT photoshoot (sadly lacking leather gloves).

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6th-Aug-2009 03:22 am - Lego House Build
Following my good friend honeyfitz I bring you more photos from last Saturday's Lego house build... Enjoy!
2nd-Aug-2009 09:33 pm - Lego!
Yesterday I went to Denbies Wine Estate to help James build his house! I wasn't sure I'd get tickets but I arrived in plenty of time (although I wasn't one of the 4.30am crowd!) to ensure a place. My two friends meivocis and abby_i came with me, and the day was a big dollop of fun!

We decided to be one of the 'creatives', ie not making one of the Lego bricks, but making things to go in the house. Being a pianist, I decided on building a model grand piano (an ornament one, not life-size!) and my buddies helped me out. The crew thought it was original, so they interviewed us and called James over to talk to us.

James not only talked to us, he helped me construct the piano, put some of the keys in place and generally turned out to be a fantastic human being.

I can't post many photos because of copyright etc, I have to wait until the show has been aired before I can show the ones I took during filming.

However - here are some DELICIOUS ones I took in between the building shifts!

An unforgettable, well-organised and fabulous day.
5th-Jul-2009 10:44 pm - Space type fanvid
athos hat
Inspired by fayzalmoonbeam's beautiful James May vid Teardrop, I made my own to The Killers' Spaceman.

Available for download from THE WELL.

embedded version of SpacemanCollapse )
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